Edited Audio Interview

This assignment has by far been the most frustrating one I’ve completed… But once I figured it out, it wasn’t that bad.

So I present to you my edited version of my interview with Ricky Tabuchi.

From this experience I learned that I have a much greater respect for people in audio editing realm. It took me hours to finally edit this interview down to a 2:15 segment that I felt comfortable turning in. I also learned that this new branch of journalism is great in the sense that it allows more interesting ways of reporting and allows more creativity in different news casts.

I enjoyed having the ability to edit and rearrange my interview and placing things in places that without editing I couldn’t have done. It’s nice to know that I have that power but also scary in the sense that the power can and probably has been abused. I personally would never abuse the privilege but there probably so many fabricated news casts that are released each and every day.

What I didn’t like about this assignment was the tedious work that was required to complete it. I literally spent an entire afternoon making  a decent edited version of the interview. I guess if I were getting paid to do this I wouldn’t mind it, however, I’ll restrain myself from doing another audio interview unless it’s otherwise required.

I was surprised by the amount of options you have when editing an audio piece. If I had more time to play around with the program, I probably would have created a more interesting piece.

I would definitely have spent more time on this assignment if my schedule would have allowed for it. In the future I’ll make more time because the Audacity program is a rather intriguing one and it’s something you could play around on for hours on end.


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