Raw Audio Interview

Since becoming a journalism student and having to work for the Branding Iron publication on campus, there’s been a few times when I’ve been required to conduct an interview. However, as far as conducting an audio interview, it was a completely different territory for me.

I always feel a little silly when I am being interviewed by someone because I’m not one who really likes to talk about myself. As for interviewing others, especially for this interview I did, I love listening to other people’s story’s and life changing events. That aspect is a major reason why I decided to pursue this career path, I love listening and sharing the events that shaped someone’s life.

From this experience I learned I really hate the way my voice sounds through an audio recorder… Just kidding (well, kind of). What I did learn however is that to do an audio interview, you must be really prepared in what you’re asking and how you approach addressing the question. If you are disorganized when asking questions, it makes you look unprofessional and also makes you look like you’re not as interested in hearing the interviewee’s story. I believe it’s very important to make the subject know you are very intrigued with what they have to share which in turn makes them share the story in a more detailed and personal light.

I really enjoyed being able to listen to my subject and ask him things that have been so significant in his life which I would have not known otherwise. I didn’t like having the power to rewind and listen to myself speak; I found that to be really embarrassing. Other than that, I really had no other complaints.

If I could have changed something about the way the interview ended up going, I’d probably modify the way I worded some things. There were a few times I felt that I sounded unprofessional and ask I progress into my journalism career, those are mistakes I can’t afford to make.


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