Soundslides Group Project… Oh Yeah!

For this particular assignment we were asked to create a Soundslide project which basically required making a slideshow full of audio and pictures to go along with.

I personally thought this assignment would be much more difficult especially after reading the first initial syllabus but after having a partner who was also very knowledgeable about the project, I found together we made a great team.

            From doing this assignment I learned how to make a news story unlike any other I’ve dealt with before. I honestly have a lot more respect for journalists who do these types of projects on their own because of the time and persistence it requires. If it wasn’t for my partner I probably would have pulled my hair out, seriously. As far as noteworthy experiences go, I guess our adventure to the Laramie Animal Shelter was one for the books as it’s something I probably wouldn’t have done on my own.

            I really like the Soundslide program as opposed to other programs I’ve worked with similar to this one in the past. I thought it was really easy to navigate around and very simple when it came to uploading images and audio. I think my biggest concern about the program was organizing pictures to fit the audio. However, once I was able to get the hang of that aspect it was all downhill from there.

            I can honestly say there isn’t really anything that I would change about our final version of this project. I think my partner and I worked very hard and did our best which I feel made the end result a successful one. I guess there’s always room for more creativity but there’s only so much time you can spend on a project before you lose your sanity.