I’m feeling a little “twitter”-pated


For this assignment we were asked to “tweet” about a live event going on around campus. As I contemplated on what to do my assignment on, I found an exciting event being held at Prexy’s Pasture was a perfect activity to report on.

At first it was a little strange as I am not someone who frequently posts and follows the Twitter feed. However, after about my third tweet, I began to have a lot of fun with it.

What I found I really enjoyed was the short, simple sentences required to compose a tweet. I am not a person who has the attention span to read long stories so Twitter is the best way I can get my information quickly and simply. I also love being able to have the ability to hashtag keywords so if you’re looking for similar posts about the same subject you can do so quickly.

I’ve tried to think of reasons why I didn’t like this assignment and to be honest, I couldn’t come up with any. I thought it was super easy for starters and extremely simple. I mean I think a toddler could tweet in all honesty.

 I feel this assignment was very informative as I learned how to make appropriate, newsworthy tweets. It was also a great way to interact with classmates and see the events they were attending. I was surprised by the amount of information I was able to compile just at that one event. I could have had way more than ten tweets by the time I was through with the assignment. The thing I would have done differently was compile more tweets and make them a little more intriguing than what I did. I also might have tried to incorporate some video and photo footage as well.

As technology becomes more important as the years carry on, I could see myself having to use Twitter as means of communicating to whoever my audience might be. As a journalist it is very important to have quick and accurate information. I feel Twitter will be the most effective way to get the news out there and receive feedback from the public.


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